Hello and Welcome!

Thank you for being here! I'm Blanca.

PSYCH-K® facilitator and holistic life coach. I guide and support women to liberate themselves from distortion and limitation patterns through true connection with self and the transmutation of the mind.


Heal and clear limiting patterns and beliefs and experience more ease, flow and authentic expression. 


Learn a new way of being, anchor body-mind-soul alignment and expansion of consciousness.


Embody and experience the evolution of  your soul. Shine your light, reclaim your power and know your truth.

Begin Your Personal Alchemy

Free yourself.

Allow yourself to be amazed.

Allow yourself to be transformed.

Heal and dissolve thought and emotional patterns that perpetuate the cycle of self sabotage and limitation holding you hostage to the past,

recreating and reliving the same experiences.  

You deserve to create the life you desire filled with joy, 

abundance and ease. Take the leap and experience personal liberation! 

You are here to shine your Light. Brightly. Boldly. Beautifully.

In Lak'ech

  • Healing

  • Integration

  • Alignment


The first step to healing is awareness. If you are reading this you probably recognize that there is a mental, emotional or behavioral block or pattern that must be addressed in order for you step out of this cycle. It is through this awareness that healing begins. It is a clearing process that begins the remembrance of your truth and allows you to tap into your authentic expression. You quickly notice that change begins to occur in your experience.


Blanca describes herself as an Alchemist. 

An Energy Alchemist transforming herself and her life through the continual transmutation of the distortions of the false self into the embodiment of and identification with the true self.

Her passion is to support women on their own personal alchemy as they heal and transmute thought and emotional patterns, and easily transition into a new way of being, in alignment with soul and in flow with life.

"It is through self-awareness and self-mastery that we are liberated to create the life we are meant to live with passion, purpose and power."

~Blanca Rios

Explore Your Journey

Experience the alchemy of subconscious energy and free your mind from the limitations of the past, and strengthen the link that connects you with your infinite potential.

PSYCH-K® facilitates an expansion out of subconscious limitations into self-enhancing responses, physically, behaviorally, and emotionally.

Through processes called Balances, we dismantle beliefs that are holding you in repetitive cycles that lead to the same experiences over and over again, and anchor new, empowering beliefs.


This new interpretation liberates you and propels you to create the experiences that truly desire. You access your personal power and express your true potential. It is the catalyst for your soul evolution.

Holistic Wellness

Holistic Wellness is about equilibrium in all areas of life. It is a wheel with many spokes: health, wealth, career, creativity and play, relationships, spirituality and connection. If any of life's areas get too out of balance, there is a syphoning of your energy which can then lead to dis-ease or stagnation.

Together, we will go on an exploration journey to uncover these imbalances and harmonize the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual bodies.

This healing process assists you in accessing and re-membering the center, or the hub of the wheel. This center is the knowing that you are the creator of your reality, and more importantly, anchoring this truth. You reclaim and harness your power and embody your worth.

One Bold Decision Course

In this mini course, you will learn the ingredients necessary to create your own reality. It is really very simple- you have only temporarily forgotten your true nature as creator being.

Life and creation can become very easy and joyful as you unlearn the programming and relearn how to remember your true essence and rediscover your innate personal power. 

This course shows you the foundation that enables you to embody your desires and unleash your full potential.

You are here to have fun and revel in the joys of your personal journey! Let's play!

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What Clients Are Saying

Because of Blanca, what was one of the most difficult times of my life became a learning experience that helped me grow.

Carrie B. 

With Blanca’s insightful guidance I found that life could be anything I wanted. Blanca has given me the insight into listening to my body and freeing my mind.

Julie B.

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