You create your world from within

This is a Universal Law.

Your outer world is merely a reflection of your inner world.

Do you feel you’re surrounded by angry people?

Look within. There is anger there.

Perhaps in this very moment you don’t feel angry, yet there is anger, conscious or subconscious, that must be dealt with in order for your life experience to change.

You cannot change the anger ‘out there’.

Try changing a person… it’ll never happen!

Nor should it to happen.

We have all been given the power of free will and choice.

A person will only change when and if she chooses to do so. Besides, it’s none of my business anyway. What anyone chooses for her experience, is her right, her choice and her journey.

Continuing with this example, the angry person in your present reality is there as a mirror.

She is reflecting what’s going on within you.

Instead of pointing fingers, blaming or confronting, look at it as an invitation to look within and have the willingness to heal those aspects of yourself that are ready to be acknowledged and dissolved.

Whatever you're being shown is because you're ready to face it, heal it and let it go.

It’s here now to set you free!

If you leave or stop hanging around those that are angry without healing that aspect within you, that outer experience of anger will return until you choose to embrace the gift and learn the lesson for your own expansion and evolution.

Examine yourself, your attitudes and beliefs.

If your desire is to change the course of your journey and transform your life, you must first transform yourself. 

My outer experience, whether I like it or not, and whether or not I accept it or believe it, is a reflection of my inner world.

Always look within. Therein lie all the answers.

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