3 Ways Resistance Shows Up and How to Deal With It

First off, what is resistance?

Resistance is an expression of 'no' to someone or something. This expression can be verbal or non verbal.

Although often regarded as negative, resistance is neutral. It's simply information. It's an unconscious boundary assertion meant to protect.

Resistance almost inevitably shows up when you're about to embark on a new adventure, which usually means you'll be venturing out of your comfort zone. This step into the unknown usually jolts the subconscious and immediately raises red flags to protect you from apparent 'dangers' ahead. It'll try to do anything to dissuade you from moving forward with your new endeavor.

Working with my clients and in my own experience, these 3 forms of resistance often come up:

1. Procrastination is consistently delaying or pushing away what you can and sometimes need to do today to later, tomorrow and sometimes indefinitely…

It shows up especially when whatever it is you intend to do, is perceived as a big task or project or one that you don't necessarily enjoy.

Procrastination will also appear when you feel overwhelmed or scattered due to a lack of clarity.

2. Distraction is discharging your energy, time and focus on something until they are absorbed or depleted and no longer available to engage in that which you're resisting. 

Distraction usually easily lures you in easily because it tends to be a habit or pattern. It's an automatic and often unconscious behavior that one resorts to as a way to escape uncomfortable emotions or subconscious limiting beliefs that arise when resisting something.

3. Perfectionism is continually getting ready to be ready to start something. It shows up as the inner critic almost demanding things be just right or perfect before you can move forward.

Perfectionism can be an excessive focus on control. It aims for the outcome or result to be perfect. This tendency to control can keep from starting anything new.

What you resist persists

Trying to make yourself wrong for feeling resistance- in whatever way it may show up- or making resistance itself wrong for showing up will only make you fall deeper into resistance.

When you willingly ask with curiosity and an open mind, you'll discover that:

Resistance is informing you of your own potential for expansion.

It'll show you where your energy is invested in hindrance or preservation rather than in expansion.

You can then relate to resistance, instead of from it, allowing you to harness your power and the growth and expansion that it offers you.

With compassion and acceptance, you can embrace and integrate and transform resistance to reveal the gold of your own expansion.

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