Who do you choose to be in 2023?

What’s your story?

I want to share something with you. A powerful message as we begin this new year:

If you let go of your story, you get to live your life.

Take a moment and try to reframe your perception. Consider this…

What if every setback was perfectly designed to push you forward?

What if the good times, the bad and everything in between served as a building block to make you the greatest and most powerful version of yourself?

If you had a great 2022 and you’re overflowing with gratitude as we enter 2023…

Congrats! Reflect over the last 12 months and recognize how you were showing up that allowed you to thrive. Continue to Elevate, Expand and Evolve in this new year!

But if your story felt a little different than that… If you struggled, if you were majorly tested, if you felt stuck in one or several areas in your life…

If your year wasn’t so great, if you’re feeling down about where you are in your life…

Promise yourself right now that you will Be different from this moment on to make, not only 2023, but your life different.

Here’s the thing: You can definitely do things differently, but if you cling to your story,  and your beliefs and perceptions remain unchanged, you’ll remain unchanged and come back to the same habits and behaviors that brought you here in the first place. Because…

It’s not what you do but Who you are. 

This year is about dropping the story. There is a different, palpable energy to this new year. It feels Expansive and Abundant. It is a year of Alchemy. Divine Inner Alchemy.

True, sustainable change only occurs with a shift in mindset, perception and beliefs.

I invite you to take time to be with these questions and honestly and deeply answer them:

  • What is being stripped away to make room for the new?
  • What dreams and desires of my life call to my soul?
  • What does this next season of life hold for me?

Act like this is the year that will make or break the rest of your life. Because it could be.

Millions of resolutions have been made all over the world…

Only to be forgotten in the next 30 days or so.

Only a small percentage will become real in the next 12 months. Why?

Because so many people go into the new year (or new anything) as the same person they were last month, last year and maybe even the last few years or decades. (Trust me I know..)

And that never works.

Realize this: 

In order for ANY sustainable change to occur in the external, the internal MUST Transform. Period.

Who do you choose to BE in 2023?

Because you can choose to do nothing and let the world around you, the circumstances, people and situations dictate your life and who you are, sucking and draining your power and life force. Or…

You can Reset Your Mindset and become the hero of your own story.

If you’re ready to meet your True Self… to take back your power and make 2023 your Best most Amazing Life Changing year yet…

I invite you to schedule a Breakthrough Session with me to get clear on your dreams and desires, how to move forward and show up as the powerful woman who creates those dreams into reality.

Let this year be the year that you take your power back and start living YOUR life on YOUR terms.

You can absolutely do this, Beautiful... if you’re ready and willing to show up consistently.

And you don't have to do it alone.. allow me to be the guide by your side doing this together.

In Lak'ech,



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